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    Top Tips...

    • Use Sharp Scissors or the balloons may tear
    • Use 9" or 12" Balloons
    • Keep lots of extra Balloons on hand
    • Add another balloon at anytime to repair little holes, or change the color
    • When learning some tricks it's helpful to change the colors of the balls, to make it easier to keep track of which ball is going where.

    Make Your Own Juggling Balls

    Juggling balls are fairly inexpensive, and are available at a wide variety of retail stores, and online dealers. However, if you just can't wait for a delivery, You can make a set of decent beginner balls from basic supplies.

    To make your own Set of juggling balls, you will need the following...

    • A dozen or so 12" Round Balloons (Helium grade are best)
    • Birdseed, Rice , or other similar material to fill the beanbags
    • Scissors
    • An Empty Bottle
    • A Funnel

    Step One

    Each Ball is made from three balloons. Two of these should have the balloon's filler neck cut off. Leave the third balloon intact, for the time being.

    Step Two

    Use a funnel to pour 4 or 5 ounces (1/2 of a cup) of birdseed into the empty bottle. Then partially inflate the intact balloon. While pinching the balloon's neck to prevent any air from escaping, carefully stretch the balloons opening over the bottle. No air should escape when you let go -If it does, go back and try again. Now tip the balloon/ bottle combination upright, so the birdseed drains from the balloon, into the bottle.

    Step Three

    Remove the balloon that's full of birdseed from the bottle, and slowly let the air out. You can now cut the filler neck off this balloon and set it with the opening facing up on a solid work surface..

    Step Four

    Take one of the extra balloons without a neck, and slip a finger from each hand through the opening. Gently stretch the opening, till you can fit several fingers from each hand into the balloon. Stretch the opening till it's larger than the filled balloon, then bring the stretched out opening down over top of the seed-filled balloon. When you let go, the second balloon should completely enclose the filled balloon.

    Step Five

    Repeat Step four to add a third Balloon. Make sure the exposed opening on each layer faces in a different direction, so seeds won't escape.

    Make two more balls this way, and your ready to juggle.

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