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Step 3

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    Top Tips...

    • Make sure you can start using either hand
    • Always wait for one ball to start falling, before you throw the next ball.
    • Mentally plan the order of your throws, before you actually throw anything.

      Think "I'll throw Blue first, then Red, Then Orange.

      Blue - Red - Orange

      Blue - Red - Orange..."

      After you've committed the plan to memory, then actually throw the balls - in the correct order.

    Before you attempt Step 3 Make sure to feel confidant with these tricks.

    Part III - Three Balls

    Start by just trying to get three good throws. Notice that as the Orange ball comes down, The Juggler could throw the Blue ball under it, for a fourth throw.


    Then see if you can keep it going, for four, or five, or more throws

    This is where it all comes together. Suddenly you will understand how everything works. You will be juggling three balls soon. You already know all the steps you need. It's time to put it all together.

    First you will try making the third throw.

    • Hold two balls in your dominant hand, and one in your weaker hand.
    • Toss the Blue ball from the hand which has two balls, towards the hand with one ball, just like in Part I (make sure it's about eye level).
    • When the first ball reaches its highest point, toss the second ball (Red) so that it passes underneath (that is, to the inside of) the Blue ball. This should all look familiar, if you got the hang of part II.
    • Catch the Blue ball in the hand which just made toss #2 with the Red Ball
    • Now you should have one ball in each hand, and a Red ball in the air which is headed towards the hand which is still holding the Orange ball. At this point things should again look familiar.
    • Once Ball #2 (red) reaches it's peak, toss Ball #3, the Orange ball, underneath ball #2 .
    • Catch The Red Ball.
    • Catch the Orange Ball.
    After you've done this a few times, you will realize that you could make a fourth throw (With the Blue Ball) just before you catch the Orange ball. If you succeed in making a fourth throw, you could also make a fifth throw...

    From here all it takes is a lot of practice.   Fortunately the practicing is the fun part. If you stop having fun, then it's time for a break.   You'll learn faster by practicing as often as possible,   but never for a long time at once.  

    • Start by just trying to get 3 good throws into the air.   Even if you don't catch any of them.
    • Remember that Juggling is all about making good throws, not good catches. If you find that you have a choice between making a throw, or a catch, Go for the THROW!

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