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1) Outside Throws

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    Top Tips...

    • This is really a "MOVE", not a "Trick"
    • With this Move, you can do dozens of tricks

    Before you attempt 1) Outside Throws Make sure to feel confidant with these tricks.

    Tricks - The Outside Throw

    In Step 2 you learned that each throw should go underneath the previous throw. Your first trick is to throw the ball to the outside, or over top, of the previous throw. In the animation, watch how the blue ball goes over top of all the other balls.

    Juggler Bob is doing an outside throw with every third ball thrown from his right hand."
    Keep in mind;
    • The blue ball is thrown at the same time as it's usually thrown.
    • The blue ball is caught at the same time as it's usually caught.
    • The blue ball is caught in the same place as it's usually caught.
    • The big difference is that you reach out a little, and then hook the ball over the top.
    Pick a ball, and try to get the ball over the top every time it is thrown from your dominant hand. Then try it from your other hand.

    Instead of throwing every third (blue) ball from the right hand, try throwing every other ball. If you throw every ball from the right, it becomes a Half Shower . You will see that a number of other tricks described in this site are based on this move. By changing which hand you make an outside throw with, and how frequently you throw to the outside, there are dozens of patterns that can be done.

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    I like love this its so fun!

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    I am horrible even though I still practice everyday:(