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    Four Balls

    Top Tips...

    • If one hand is better, use it to juggle the two balls.

    Before you attempt Columns Make sure to feel confidant with these tricks.

    Three Ball Column Juggling

    Right now this animation is only available on devices that support Macromedia Flash Content
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    Please view from a computer, or check back in a few weeks for the Gif format animation.

    The trick "Columns" has Juggler Bob doing 2 in 1 with his left hand, and a single ball in his right.
    Once you can keep two balls in the air with one hand, even if only for a few throws, you can try doing columns.

    While doing two in one hand, practice doing something completely different with your other hand. Start with waving. Then rub your stomach, or pat your head. Finally try pantomiming a throw that's in time with the juggling hands blue ball.

    If you can do that, you can add the ball, and try throwing it, in time with the juggling hand.

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