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    Tricks - Passing

    Juggling, like so many things becomes even better if you do it with someone else. Passing lets two or more jugglers work together, as the balls are thrown back and forth between them.

    We'll start off with two jugglers passing six balls.

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    As a rule passing is always done right handed, so that any two jugglers will be able to work together.

    Step I

    • Juggle with three balls, and give one ball to your partner. Everytime the green ball hits your right hand...
      • You - Toss it straight forward so it lands in your partner's left hand.
      • Your Partner - Toss the extra ball from their right hand to your left hand.
    • Both green balls should be thrown and caught simultaneously.
    • It helps so say out loud who each right handed throw is going to. Self, Self, Pass, Self, Self, Pass...
    • Once you both are comfortable both doing this step, and assisting your partner in the step, then you are ready to continue.

    Step II
    • Each person should have two balls in their right hand & one in the left. Match your colors so you both throw the same color with each throw.
    • All throws from your left hand are just regular throws to your own right hand ( so we won't mention the left hand throws below, just the right).
    • To help you get in sync with your partner, raise your hands together, bring them back down to waist level, and then make the first throw. This Up/Down/Pass sets a good rhythm for you both.
    • The first two throws should be directed to yourself, but the third throw will go straight forward to your partner's left hand.
    • Continue passing every third ball forward to your partner.
    • Once you have the hang of it, you can switch to passing every other ball, or even every right hand ball.

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