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1) Diabolo First Step

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    Top Tips...

    • Whether you are Left or Right Handed, try learning to Diabolo RIGHT handed.
    • Passing diabolos between jugglers only really works well if you both are diaboloing Right handed.

    The Diabolo - getting started.

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    First roll the diabolo to get it spinning, then lift it, and finally pull firmly with your Right hand.
    The diabolo is best described as juggling with a Yo-yo. To get started you need to understand that the diabolo only ever spins in one direction (Counter-Clockwise) . Also the faster the diabolo spins, the more stable it will be.

    To begin;

    Your hand sticks should usually point straight forward, but we've turned them sideways in our animations, so you can see the wrist motions.
    • Place the diabolo on the string, and set it on the ground a little to the Right of your Right foot.
    • Take the slack out of the string, and point your Right stick down. Most of the string should be on the Left side of the diabolo.
    • Without raising your Right hand, roll the top across the ground towards the Right side of your body.
    • Gently lift both arms so the diabolo lifts off the ground, and is in front of your knees.
    • Now that the top is spinning, pull your Right hand up briskly to make the diabolo spin faster. Make sure that you pass lots of string over the axle, not just a few inches.
    • Slowly drop your Right hand, and raise your Left to take the slack out of the string. This is done without a lot of force, so it doesn't slow the diabolo's spin down.

    • Repeat the last two points over and over, making sure that your Right hand does all the strong pulls, while your Left just takes the slack out of the string.
    • The diabolo should spin in one place just in front of your knees, without swinging from side to side, or bouncing.

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