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    The Diabolo - Whipping.

    When performed correctly, whipping adds spin to the diabolo faster than most other methods.
    Whipping is one of the best methods of accelerating the Diabolo's spin. Whipping is about 90% finesse, so even after you learn the movements, it may take more time before you are able to really whip the diabolo into a faster spin.

    • Start with the diabolo spinning quickly, and make sure that it is level. Once you're good at this move, you will be able to do it with a diabolo which is barley spinning, and whip it into a spinning frenzy, all while correcting it's tilt, but to learn any trick it's easier to start with a good level spin.
    • Your left hand should stay relatively still, with only a little give in the wrist each time you make a power stroke with the right hand.
    • Swing the diabolo to the right side of your body, so it is close to the right hand.
    • When the diabolo can't travel any farther to the right, snap your right hand back across your body as quickly as possible, shooting the diabolo towards your left side. As you get comfortable doing this, you should notice that you are pulling the whole length of the string across the axle, which is what adds the powerful spin to the diabolo.
    • When the diabolo reaches your left side, snap the right hand back towards the right side of the body, again dragging the whole length of string over the axle.

    Don't worry if you aren't getting much spin out of this move at first, just get comfortable doing the side to side motion. Once you have the hang of that, practice pulling more string over the axle, which will accelerate the diabolo.

    Notice that your hands cross slightly as the right hand makes it's power stroke to the left. If your right hand always crosses over the left, it will push the diabolo into tipping away from you. Crossing the right under the left will cause it to tip towards you. By alternating which hand is on top, the top will stay level.

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