Two Balls in one Hand

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    Top Tips...

    • Remember Balls should move up & down, and Left to right, but NOT forwards and backwards.

      Avoid "Peddling" . It won't help you improve.

    • Once you get the hang of any juggling trick, learn to do it again using your other hand.

    Columns, with out rotation.

    2 in 1 hand with a clockwise rotation. (Notice how Juggler Bob is able to have the ball pass right through his elbow. That's an advanced move, and is not recommended for beginners)
    Two Balls in one Hand
    A number of juggling tricks are based on being able to keep two balls in the air, using only one hand. There are three basic methods of doing two balls in one hand;
    • Rotating the balls clockwise
    • Rotating the balls counter-clockwise
    • Not rotating the balls at all.
    All three methods, work the same way. As one ball reaches it's peak, toss the next ball. Some people find that one variation is easier, while some people find that another variation works best for them. Try all three, and see which one you learn first.

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