The Reverse Cascade

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    Top Tips...

    • Keep Your elbows tucked at your sides.
    • Most of the action comes from your wrists

    Before you attempt The Reverse Cascade Make sure to feel confidant with these tricks.

    The Reverse Cascade

    "Juggler Bob has perfected the Reverse Cascade pattern."
    The reverse cascade is a variation of the Outside Throw.
    • Learn to toss every ball from one hand to the outside (This is the same as The Half Shower).
    • Teach yourself to do a half shower from your other hand.
    • Now do it in both hands simultaneously, so that every single throw is an outside throw.
    • Notice that each ball is caught at the midline of your body, and then thrown from the side.

    Alternatively if you prefer, you can go through the steps to learn to juggle three balls, but teaching yourself to make each throw to the outside, instead of to the inside. Both methods work, figure out which one makes more scense to you.

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