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    Top Tips...

    • Both balls go to eye-level
    • Wait for the first ball to start falling, before throwing the second ball
    • Don't rush - It's slower than you may think.

    Before you attempt Step 2 Make sure to feel confidant with these tricks.

    Part II - Two Balls

    If you're right handed, start with the Blue ball in your Left hand.
    This is the most important step to learn to juggle three balls. If you can do this, you can juggle three. Make sure you're doing it correctly, then practice lots before moving on.
    • Hold one ball in each hand.
    • Toss the Blue ball from your weaker hand towards your dominant hand, just like in Part I (make sure it's about eye level).
    • When the Blue ball reaches its highest point, toss the Red ball so that it passes underneath (that is, to the inside of) the Blue ball.
    • Toss number two MUST be the same height as toss Number one.
    • Catch the Blue ball one in your dominant hand (i.e.: the hand that just threw the Red ball)
    • Catch the Red ball in your weaker hand (i.e.: the hand which the first toss came from).
    • Stop - unless you add a third ball it is impossible to continue from this point with out a pause here, so don't bother trying.
    While you're working on this, the best way to test if you're doing it right is to listen to the rhythm of the throws and catches. The timing between throws 1 & 2 should be the same as timing between catches 1 & 2.

     If the timing between catches is shorter, then you need to make the 2nd toss a little bit higher. (Remember Both tosses must be the same height)

    Very Important:

    You have to be able to begin this step equally well from either hand. Once you get the basic idea, pick one color of ball, and always start with that ball. This makes sure you practice starting with both hands just as much.
    Always start with the Blue ball, and you'll learn to start with either hand

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