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    The Diabolo - The Elevator.

    The climb only works if you have lots of spin on the diabolo. It takes some patience to learn how hard to pull on the string.
    • Start with the diabolo spinning quickly, and make sure that it is level.
    • Raise your left hand to around eye level, which will cause the diabolo to spin close to your right hand.
    • Circle the inside wheel of the diabolo with your right hand. You should now have 1 full loop of string around the axle, instead of the usual ½ wrap.
    • Gently pull the hand sticks apart (up & down). This will cause the diabolo to climb the string. Take some time to experiment with how much tension to put on the string.
    • When the diabolo is about a foot away from the top of the string, ease off the string tension, and circle the inside wheel of the diabolo with your left hand to unwrap the string.
    • As the diabolo is no longer trapped on the string, it will fall back down landing on the string in the starting position.

    As the diabolo climbs the string, you can ease off the tension at any point to stop the climb. Ease off too much, and the diabolo will slide back down the string. Add more tension, and the diabolo will climb again.

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